A Place To Remember

Dear Classmates:

We’ve decided to post any information we have on the passing of our classmates here. If you have additional information about someone here or know of someone we missed, please use our contact form to send it.


From Doug Markheim:

I received an email earlier this evening informing me Dennis McKelvey passed away on December 13th, killed in a car accident. His daughter Mindy saw that I was in his contact list, figured we were friends, and emailed me. I let her know who her Dad was to all of us and how many of us had re-connected with him since our 50th reunion and enjoyed staying in contact the last couple years. I told Mindy I will let our class know and asked her to provide any service information, knowing there would be many of us who would want to express our condolences.

Dennis had moved from Loveland to Edmond, OK a couple years ago after his wife Robbie passed away. Mindy had helped him move there to be close to her family. Dennis had an exceptional memory of growing up in Loveland and attending the different schools through graduating with us. He told me so many different stories relating to the neighborhood he lived in that included some of you. (I wish I could remember a tenth of them.) He also told me stories of serving in the Navy as a Machinery Repairman on the USS Bon Homme Richards (aircraft carrier) and the USS Orion, a submarine repair ship, which included working on the USS Scorpion, a nuclear attack submarine that was eventually lost June 1968 southeast of the Azores in the infamous Bermuda Triangle. He was proud of his service in the Navy from 1965 to 1968. His stories also included his working career as a mechanical engineer which exposed him to a wide range of different companies, one of which crossed paths with Gary Wise who worked in a similar field. And Dennis was spending time reconnecting with many past work acquaintances the last couple years. He was also a firearms enthusiast, frequently calling me about new gun purchases and experiences at his favorite firing range. Dennis was the author of a very detailed booklet (mechanical drawings and all) on how to build miniature cannons that actually fired.

Hopefully I will receive some service information I can pass on to all of you.


July 17, 2018
It is with great sadness to announce that Lewie Baughman passed away this morning. We were fortunate to see him at the 70th birthday party and to have him join us for lunch at the last History Panel. I was lucky to be able to spend a few other times with him…….a treasured classmate of our Class of 1965, a true friend, devoted husband, father and grandfather, Vietnam Veteran, a staunch American Patriot.

April, 2018

Jeanne Beauprez will be having a memorial service Sunday, April 30 at the VFW located at 1000 Josephine Street in Martinsville, IN starting at 1:30 PM.  their phone number is 765-342-7253 if needed.

For all of you who can’t make that service there will be a Memorial service for Steve in Loveland, CO at McGraff’s located at 1602 East Eisenhower Blvd starting at 2:30 PM on Saturday April 29.  Their phone if needed is 970-669-8847.

I want to thank all the great friends that showed their support to Steve and his wife Jeanne during this difficult time.

 Terry Bland