We’ve been searching everywhere

We've been searching everywhere!Please Help!

We want to be sure to include as many of our classmates as possible in our 50th class reunion.

If you know the address, email address or have any information about how we can contact these people, please click here to use the Contact Form . Thank you for your help.

Baughman, Lewis
Burch, Nelda POINTER
Chism, Jim
DuPon, Penny
DeMuth, Robert
Eakins, Kathy
Geist, Janice
Gonzales, Floyd
Hagedorn, Lois
Holiday, Allen
Hummell, Jerry
Kerr, Jim
Koerber, Page PEEBLES
Lohr, John
Maher, Sharon
Moore, Karen
Moore, Terry
Novak, Pam BRYANT
Roblin, Mike
Salas, Blanche MARTINEZ
Smith, Robert
Weitzel, Linda SHIPLEY
Zimmerman, Ron