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Classmates are listed in alphabetical order by last name. Married names are in parenthesis () and nicknames are in quotes ” “.

If you would like to contribute additional information to your entry, or change anything, please use the Contact Form.

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As you can see, the e-mail address is hidden from view and is not visible.  By so doing, your e-mail address is also hidden from email robots (i.e. harvesters).  Email harvesters are unable to read the e-mail addresses listed in the directory; therefore, preventing them from sending you junk mail!  However, if you still do not wish your e-mail address to be listed,  be sure to let us know when you fill in your information form for the 2015 Reunion Booklet. You can fill it in here: Information Form for Class of ’65 Booklet and Website.

We are in the process of making the LHS Class of ’65 Booklet available online. More later on that.

The e-mail column will include one of the following comments based on your choices:

“Email Me!” – Click the link to send an email to the alumnus.
“Not available” – We have no idea if the person even has e-mail.  Please contact us!
“Bad Address” – The email address we have on file is no longer a valid address. Please contact us!
“No Email” – The person does not have e-mail.
“Not Distributed” – The person only wants the reunion committee to know their e-mail address.
“Not Interested” The person does not want to share their e-mail address with alumni.