LHS History Panel – 2019

From Doug Margheim

This may very well have become a permanent part of the LHS annual schedule of events each year into the future – the History Panel.   And, as you can see below from Sgt Major Harold Johnson, the Class of 1965 has been invited back as participants, along with the Class of 1969 in celebration of the their 50th class reunion this year.  In the absence of any new information, I’m sure the agenda for the panel will be the same as in the past – a different group of students for each class period with a catered lunch at the lunch period.   For those of you who have been on the panel in the past, please let me know by Monday, April 22nd if you would like to participate this year.   And any of you on our class committee, please consider joining the panel as well.   I will be announcing this to the whole class very soon but wanted to let all of you know in advance.  

Please note the addition of the Purple Heart Memorial Stone dedication.  I haven’t received any details on this but it will be part of the Veterans Memorial event following the day’s History Panel event.

Thanks everyone.



LHS Annual Vietnam/1960’s Counter Culture.
Harold Johnson
2/22/2019 8:44 PM

To Amy Burch, Martin Jasken and 7 others


Hello all, we will host our annual Vietnam/1960’s Counter Culture seminar this year on Friday, May 10th from 8:30-3:50pm. During 7th period 2:12pm-2:55pm) we will hold a Purple Heart Memorial Stone dedication (One of our cadets Braden Jantz has done his Eagle scout project getting this stone built) and we will also do remembrance as we replace the memorial stones already in place with names of those that have passed away this past year. This year we would like to invite members from the LHS class of 1969 to join us if possible.

Harold “AJ” Johnson
Sergeant Major (Retired)
JROTC Instructor
Berthoud/Loveland High Schools
(970) 613 5239