Thank you, Wayne Farmer, for being part of ’65 LHS

Another sad day. I received an email earlier this evening from Harry Farmer saying his brother Dwight Wayne Farmer passed away this morning. He was diagnosed August 1 with pancreatic cancer and given three to six months. He was given mercy that he didn’t have to deal with it that long. Our heart felt sympathies to his wife, children, brother Harry and his extended family.

Those of us on the LHS “Living History Panel” and the students of LHS last April 29 were privileged to have Wayne make the drive from his home in Tennessee to participate in the event. His comments about growing up in Loveland and being a part of LHS, his time during the Vietnam War and subsequent time served as a career nuclear submariner for 25 years, which lead to a second career in nuclear power plants around the country were great to hear about. We salute him for his honorable and distinguished service to our country in the US Navy. He was one of our great class, the class of ’65.

A Celebration of Life is planned to take place in a couple months. He was born August 1, 1947.

Information provided by Doug and Gloria Margheim

From Carol Mayberry Sanchez ~~~

Class of 65 was…is….always will be a very special group. The closeness we feel with each and every one, whether we were best buds or merely acquaintances, is something hard to explain. And even though we don’t get to see each other for long stretches of time, that closeness seems to grow more as the years go by. I appreciate having known Wayne; our most fun times were in grade school. I honor his life and extend my sympathies to his wife, children, Harry, and extended family.