Time Capsule Progress for The Class of 1965

From Terry Bland:
Doug I know you have been wondering what I have been working on.  Let me back track a bit. When we had our last class get together on Friday I met with the principal, Michael James, of Loveland High.  He to set up the display that had been removed when the school became Red Wolves. I showed him several items that are planned for the time capsule and he asked if he could keep them there and he would give them back when the time capsule was ready.  Well we have about reached that time. 
Here is what I plan for the time capsule:
Front to back:
Letter from Michael James to the unknown principle in 2064/2065
Letter from Coach McIntosh to write whatever he wants.
Letters or anything else from any of our classmates they want in the time capsule. 
Suggestions might be something like this:
Your name, address in 1965, phone if you remember, might start with – “when I graduated I thought that I would……..”,  Then if you want you could write 59 years later…..  could write about family, children, grand children, etc any pictures welcome. 
Pictures of first car or any cars  even new 2024 cars which will be antique in 41 years from now. 
No one has to follow that outline.  You can write about anything – from what politics were in 1965 vs 2024 or not. 
Important: Whatever you write or any pictures need to be laminated, ask for the light lamination. 
TIMING: I will need anything you want included by April 30, 2024. Send to:
If you do not have Terry’s address or need his email, please ask Doug.
After classmate material, 
I have a list of the top music groups in 1965 followed by the top 100 songs in 1965.  Then several vinyl lp records to show what we bought in our day..
That is followed a cd that was re-mastered of our music in the 1980s
A big section on our class our 1965 year book from nuts to bolts, so to speak, with DVD of 3 of our football games.
I have extensive detailed materials and DVD provided by Doug and Gary Hausman.  Any other experiences welcome.
What I am missing is the 1964 year book. 
Somehow I lost my copy.  I tried to buy one on line but 1964 was the only year they did not have, So if anyone has one they would like to donate e-mail me and let me know.
I would like to get a 45 vinal record if anyone has one.
The red sign is for the display and is 30″x 6″
The time capsule is 14″ wide x 14″ high 18″ in length