Third Year for LHS – History / Vietnam Veteran Panel

I have received an email from Sgt Major Harold Johnson, JROTC instructor at LHS.  He says that, for the third year in a row, and by popular demand, LHS will be conducting the Loveland 1960s History / Vietnam Veteran Panel event.  They just completed their WWII panel with three WWII Veterans.  Sgt Major is “hoping this won’t be their last as our WWII Veterans are disappearing more and more from our planet”.  Sgt Major went on to say “Everyone agrees it is such a special thing to have the kids be able to connect what they learn from TV and books to actual people who lived it”. 

 For those of you who may not be familiar with what LHS has done in the last two years, it has set aside a full day for students to attend one of the seven class periods during the day to take part in a question / answer time with a panel made up of us 1960s graduates of LHS.  The students turn in questions ahead of time pertaining to what life was like in Loveland in the 60s, what attending school at LHS was like in the 60s and what life was like as a soldier during the Vietnam War.  A moderator facilitates the event.  Our facilitator the last two years has been Brad Hoopes,  a 1982 graduate of LHS and author of the book Reflections of Our Gentle Warriors, a compilation of Veteran interviews he conducted.   As a result of our 50th class reunion, our Class of 1965 has been fortunate to play a major part in making up the panel.  Unlike the WWII panels, this panel is not just Veterans.  The students also bring up questions about life in the 60s in Loveland and at LHS so we encourage the ladies and non-Veterans to be on the panel as well.

 So, this is an invitation to all of you to consider being a member of the panel this year.  For those of you living out of state, I realize it may be difficult for you to participate but I wanted to make mention of you anyway because in the first year of this panel Wayne Farmer came in from Tennessee.  He shared his life growing up in Loveland, his career in the Navy nuclear submarine force and subsequent nuclear field career in the private sector.  As it turned out, he unfortunately, and unexpectedly, passed away three months later.  He thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the panel.  And, all of us, besides the students, were fortunate to hear his story. 

 This event will take place on Friday, May 4th so please contact me by Wednesday, April 4th if you would like to participate.

After the History Panel event, LHS will conduct a Veterans Memorial Stones dedication honoring LHS Veterans who have passed away.  As you know, LHS JROTC initiated, facilitated and completed the installation of a large granite monument honoring 35 LHS veterans who lost their lives in battle beginning with WWII to the present time.  This monument was installed on the east side of the building and was dedicated with a ceremony on Veterans Day 2016.  The JROTC then initiated and put into motion the idea of placing engraved stones in a patio and walkway around the granite Veterans Memorial honoring all LHS veterans that have passed away.  The first stones will be engraved this April and then set in place the first week of May.  According to Sgt Major, they will begin with our class since we were the first to graduate from this building.  The dedication of the beginning of these stones will be followed by a reception with light food and drinks.  Sgt Major is also asking for anyone who would like to speak at this dedication and he will add them into the program. 

 Again, these events take place on Friday, May 4th.  Please consider participating in these upcoming events and let me know by April 4th if you would like to be involved.  And please call or email me with any questions.


Thanks everyone.