Jane Irwin – from a friend

Message from David K. :

I briefly knew a wonderful talented singer, Mary Jane (Janie) Irwin (Wenner) who passed away April 26, 2013 and who graduated from Loveland High School in 1965. Her Obituary was posted online https://obittree.com/obituary/us/colorado/loveland/loveland/mary-smith/1566706/

The following is from my Facebook Page, a tribute to a wonderful talent that was unfortunately, taken for granted most of her performing career: Mary Jane or “Janey” (McNichol) Smith was a lounge singer at Clancy’s Bar in Jack London Square in the late sixties, early seventies when I met her. I would drive a group of Army personnel from O.A.R.B. to Clancy’s and she would sing Broadway show tunes and other standards from the forties and fifties between serving drinks. I had forgotten her after my discharge and occasionally wondered if she ‘made it’ as she certainly had the talent. Her specialty song was ‘Maybe This Time’ from ‘Cabaret’ and believe me the hair on your arms would stand on end when she sang it. She, and the Piano Player would also do a version of ‘Money makes the world go around’ from the same play that had everyone roaring. She had a long career as a cruise ship singer, I don’t know what cruise line. Chance or luck or finding the right producer-manager to get you started…why some with less than her talent made it and she didn’t.
I was finally able to track her down thru the efforts of Patrick Clancy and his step son just recently only to find she had passed in 2013 from cancer. My only regret is she didn’t record so the rest of you could experience her talent. R.I.P. Mary!

Her Obituary stated she was in the first graduating class of Loveland High School in 1965. I assume since she spent a good deal of her life in Colorado, this IS the Loveland High School referred to. If it is, you produced a talent that should have been recognized to a much greater degree than she was.