Today is Purple Heart Day

Classmates, please take a moment.

Today is Purple Heart Day.  Please take a moment today to reflect on our memories of these classmates who answered the call and sacrificed so much for our country. 
Robert Ray Chenoweth (Bob, Squaw) – US Army  1967 – 1969,  Recon Sgt Forward Observer, 2nd of the 39th Recondos, Vietnam

Gary Lee Hausman – US Army  April 3, 1967 – November 25, 1968,  101st Airborne Division, Recon,  Vietnam



Juan Estrada Ramirez (Johnny) – US Marine Corps  1965 – 1969,  Company K of 3rd Division, 4th Regiment, 3rd Battalion, Vietnam

Mark George Williamson – US Navy  1966 – 1970,  Hospital Corpsman with 7th Marines, Vietnam
Jimmy Alan Miller (Jim)  US Army  January 1966 – January 1969,  Combat Infantryman Radio Operator, 1st Air Calvary, 173rd Airborne Brigade, 1 1/2 years Siagon Security, Company C, 52nd Infantry, 716th MP Brigade, returned to Vietnam after discharge
for 3 1/2 more years working in construction
Michael Fredrick McMurren (Mike, Bird Dog) – US Army, died September 18, 1976 from combat injuries, Vietnam
Jerry Marco Roberts – US Army  1966 – 1967,  199th Light Infantry Brigade, killed December 11, 1967, Vietnam
Arthur Lloyd Adams, Jr (Art, Artie, Art Jr, Little Art),  US Navy 1966 – 1968,  Builder/Hydraulics, Navy Construction  Battalion (SeaBees), killed August 23, 1968,  Quang Nam Province, Vietnam
Please let me know of anyone you know in our class not listed here that has received the Purple Heart.   Also, please help me keep our list of class Veterans updated if you know of someone not included on our Veterans video on our class website.