Updated Information from Doug…

(some of the content has been edited out for privacy)
Hi everyone,
I hope all of you have been doing well.  
Wanted to mention a couple of things for our “Jumpin’ Jive” committee to consider.  First, Gary contacted me about the possibility of our class donating some money to the Loveland Veterans Plaza project out of our class bank account, as at least one other LHS class had made a donation.  I think I remember there isn’t much left in the account since our reunion last year.  However, I also remember there was some thought of using what is left for future class gatherings (because all of us planned on being around for a long time yet!!  😁)  .  Any thoughts on this? 
(Please send Doug an email directly with your ideas)
Second, speaking of future class gatherings, have any of you thought about having a small class get together this year, similar to the one we had at the park pavilion August of 2021?  It would just be a potluck for us locals but would include any out-of-towners willing to make the trip or anyone that happened to be in town around the date of the event.  It wouldn’t have to be at the park, but anyplace convenient and low cost.  Maybe a restaurant reserved room where we could easily socialize and individually order food as we want it.  If there is interest, do we need to have a meeting to discuss/plan? 
We could also start talking about our 60th reunion two years away!  😲😁
OMG: 60!!!!
By the way, Carol Buckley Anderson has invited us to their Class of 1963 socializer at the Sky Bear Pub at 272 E. 5th St. starting at 2:00 PM on Saturday October 21st.  There is no cover charge, just order eats/drinks on your own dime.  They will be celebrating their 60th reunion that weekend.