Call for assistance – Mark Williamson

Hello fellow distances folks:

I have thought about sending this out for a few days. I don’t do well asking for hand outs. This morning we made fifty sandwiches to take to our church here. This will be a daily thing for us. They are giving sack lunches and food bags out at the church. Yesterday there were about 200 people there. The church also has a community center in the poorest part of town where they are handing out as much as they can.

Because the town is locked down with no businesses open and zero tourists the people are in real trouble. It is said that the lock down will last through May. There is no stimulus check coming for these folks. Zero income for who knows how long.

If anyone would like to donate some money, here’s how – I can tell you 100 percent will go for feeding people.

Send a check to the church at
Rocky Point Family of God
PO Box 738
Lukeville, AZ. 85341.

You can also pay on PayPal at

Kathy, because you have been here you can imagine what the need is when everything except grocery stores and medical needs are shut down. They are saying that it may stay this way until June.

Have a Wonderful Easter

No pressure I just see so much need that I can’t help but try as hard as possible to get help.

Mark & Margie in Mexico