Win a prize! Who do you see here?

I’m sure you will recognize most of these kids when we tell you who they are, since no one took us up on the contest!

Back Row, L to R: ?, Sandy Dinsmore, ?, ?, Jim Davis, ?, Vickie Gerber?, Gary Johnson, Terry Whitsel, Ron Miller, Jerry Hummel

2nd Row L to R: Eileen Mills, Daryl Braden, Elise Kind, ?, Janet Hein, Mike Macy, Eddie Nugent, Mary Hackenberg, Larry Holcomb

Front Row L to R: Dicky Walters, Kathy Isbell, Cynthia Elijah, Cheryl Thurman, James Archer?, Sandy Shompson, Alice Bethel, Ron Ballard

This is an image of Garfield Kindergarten. If you can name the kids in each row, you get a whopping $10 gift card to somewhere of our choice! Here’s a clue – we aren’t really sure of all of them either, so take a guess.

Just send an email to: Please say the row and the child #, for instance, Back Row, child #1 etc. Aren’t they all SO cute!

Good Luck!!!